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No matter what your business is, everyone is a Sales Representative.  As a business owner or direct sales representative, you need to have a great sales pitch.  Your pitch needs to be a easy-to-grasp explanation of your company and its products.  


You’ll need to use persuasive action words; but will need to be cautious on how you come across.  If you are too salesy, it’ll put off your audience.  If you are too informal your prospects won’t feel the need to buy.  So, there’s a balance between being overly promotional and being too friendly with your prospects. Either way could eliminate any chance of your prospects thinking, “Wow! I need this product today or I need that service.”


Once you have a solid pitch in place you will be able to use it as a base for your multiple platforms and each platform should show consistency.  Here are the 6 basic platforms:

  • Phone Call Sales Pitch
  • Email Sales Pitch
  • Voicemail Sales Pitch
  • Presentation Sales Pitch
  • Follow-up Sales Pitch
  • Elevator Pitch

When connecting with a prospect you will use at least 4 of these pitches before you close the sale.  There is the exception, that you will only use 1 pitch before closing a sale.  It all depends on your product or service you are selling and the craft of words.


Now my pitch to you! 

Hi, I’m Shari with SDP Communications.  I am a consultant specializing in administrative & document solutions for small businesses.  I help business owners improve their time to profitability.


Are you struggling with writing your platform of sales pitches, call me today and I can help you create a winning pitch!


SHARI PEARCE, Your Documentation Specialist


855 761 1866


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