When Was The Last Time You Took Time For Yourself?

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When Was The Last Time You Took Time For Yourself?

May 5, 2019


It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I am catching up on my emails and getting ready for my work week ahead.  I spend last week “Out of the Office” as I had been sick with that dreadful cold/flu and now find myself woefully behind.


This past week got me thinking about how much time I spend in my office and even if I am away for a few days work never stops coming in. I am not complaining…just reality hit me that I was not taking enough time for myself.


As we live in a world where our emails follow us around in our pockets or purses and our clients can reach us no matter the time of day, therefore; taking time off tends to be more of a concept than a reality.  So now I am taking a deeper look into myself and decided if I need to step away from the office to heal from sickness or I just need a day off, that all technical ties to work will be shut down.  Yes, you are reading this right..I will have my cell phone on Do Not Disturb, I will not be checking my emails on these days.

Now a few of you who are reading this, are probably thinking, “Is this something that she would do – turn off technology for a whole day or two.  The answer is yes! 


Life is too short not to take time for yourself! 

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