Time Consuming & Difficult .. Yet Rewarding!

Today and I going to share a true story that happened with one of my clients.  Her family has given me permission to speak about it.  
Last week I lost a dear friend who just opened up her first business venture six months ago.  I had the opportunity to create all of her documentation for her business and the most important document was her Business Operational Manual.  This manual took about 6 weeks to put together with everything that Sandra wanted and needed.  
With the lost of Sandra, her family is now looking after the business, and called for help.  Luckily, I was able to help and explained that we created a business operational manual and told them were to find her legal and finanical information.  
It still amazes me, how many business owners do not document the business operations. Today, I am reaching out to all business owners and ask that you look at your own company documentation.  Please don't leave your family wondering.
For those, who don't know what a Business Operational Manaul is I have put together a video with a short explaination. 
This situation has really shed light on a personal note and as a business owner on how important it is to have Business Documentation.  
For anyone who needs help in creating their documentation, call us today for a free consultation.

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