The Science & The Soul

The Science & The Soul
It's a beautiful winter day, a day to catch up on some reading and writing.  I have been ready a book called, "The Power To Transform Your Life" and what a great read.   So, I thought I would like to take the time and introduce my friend and author Linda McFadden.
Linda lives locally here in Peterborough County, as an author, speaker and personal coach.  Linda is a Registered Psychotherapist and has her certification in Relationship Therapy, Life Between Lives Regression and Hypnotherapy & Past Lives.
As a friend, I can truly say that Linda excels where the science meets the soul.  With her work as a psychotherapist, working with community leaders and truly living her life - Linda has an unparalleled grasp of the human mind and understanding human behaviour. Her niche is the science behind people, The Law of Attraction.  her book is really, meaningful and worth reading.  You can download her book at
If you are interested in The Law of Attraction, you will find Linda speaking on Feb 24, 2018 in Lakefield, ON about the Magic Behind The Law of Attraction?  Here is a snippet:
"Do  yo struggle to get what you really want?  Not sure why you can't get it?  Wealth, Health, Relationships or greater self-awareness or spiritual understanding and growth...Find out "why" you are struggling with life and discover the 3 Critical Keys that can unlock your desires and transform your life!"
This event is a full day of inspiration, learning about yourself and lots of free items to take home.  For more information visit or
Join us for a day of inspiration!  Hope to see you there..

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