The challenges to become a successful VA?

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The challenges to become a successful VA?
Beautiful winter day today, light snow coming down, just the right temperature and still work has to be done.  I recieved a call today from a prospective client, he asked me What my challenges were on becoming a successful Virtual Assistant.  This had me thinking....
The challenges I faced when started in 1999 was building a client base and managing my time. 
Building a client base was tough with the few internet sites at that time to work with, and being new to the industry.  I knew I was good but still had to prove myself.  I worked hard on my portfolio with an introduction letter of myself, samples of my work and rates.  I applied for every job posting and after the 3 months of hard work, I finally got my first client and built a strategy in winning clients.
The other challenge I had was learning to managing my time more effectively.  It was difficult to juggle my time between working full time job and working part time at home. It took a lot of persistence and discipline on my part to develop my time wisely. 
I am sure all Virtual Assistant's have felt these two challenges, interesting enough, this is the first time I had to answer that question for a prospective client.  Thank you for keeping me on toes...
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3 years ago
Thank you for sharing this! It seems like it can be so challenging to work for yourself. I often feel the challenge as i have been wanting to venture out into the world of being a VA but dont know where to start or what to do.

Thank you for the motivation!
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3 years ago
You are welcome! Don't be afraid to venture out, I was brought up with this saying..."Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained"
The first year will be the hardest, as you grow and get your first client, the whole venture becomes rewarding. All the best, Anytime you have questions please feel free to connect with me on my website or facebook. Shari

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