Personal Services, Extensive Experience, Virtually By Your Side: How a Virtual Assistant Can Increase Your Income!

Personal Services, Extensive Experience, Virtually By Your Side:  How a Virtual Assistant Can Increase Your Income!
One of the challenges that small businesses run into is a lack of funds to hire new employees. If your business is quickly expanding and you need an extra hand, hiring someone might be unavoidable. Unfortunately, you have too pay for all the overhead it cost to have an employee. With a Virtual Assistant, you don’t have that overhead of wages, government deductions etc.
If you are in the business of providing services to customers, then client care can take up countless hours of your time. As a business owner, you need to manage and maintain relationships, making sure that your clients feel they are number one when they walk into your business or contact you electronically. So, for most business owners the biggest time taken away from productivity is responding to emails and listening to voicemail messages and responding. The say on an average that a business owner spends up to 2 hours per day.  Is this you? If yes, then hiring a virtual assistant could be a good idea.  By hiring SDP Communications, we can help you take care of you customers and other admin support that you may need, this will give you with the time you need to focus on far more important things.

So, one important thing as a business owner is Project Management. Do you have a system that you use to keep track of all the different projects and tasks you have on the go? Project Management can be challenging and your best friend.  A project management system can help you keep track of every project you currently have on your plate, you will be able to create task and keep track of the process of each project. Now, finding the right software for your business and getting everything set up can take some time, which is a good reason to hire a virtual assistant to do it for you. Once your project management system is ready to go, it will save you a lot of time and increase your productivity level.

Content Writing

Creating your brand is much more than good-looking graphics, you need effective content that will capture the attention of potential customers. Writing content for your marketing, sales, service information can be hard to write and time consuming.  As a professional writer, I know what it takes to put words together that represent your business.


One of the ways to get new customers is through blog posts. Blog posts are a incredible way to showcase your knowledge and experience in your field. They will position you as an expert and demonstrating your insight of your business. Nevertheless, blog post can also take a lot of time to write. If writing is not your thing to do, then writing a 1000 work blog each week will turn into hours of work.

So, let SDP Communications do the research and writing for you; together we can create a list of topics and dates you would like them posted.  By having a professional written blog delivered to your inbox every week will same you time and frustration.  Once you receive your blog you can add or edit your own thoughts and experience.  Remember theses blog’s can be very useful for both email marketing or social media campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Are you spending too much time every week on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn?  Are you trying to maintain two or more social media accounts for your business, daily posting, commenting, and responding to your followers?  Have you noticed the amount of time you have consumed daily, weekly?  There is nothing that can destroy a workflow like an alert from one your social media channels!    

Have you thought about getting your company’s social media marketing off your plate? By hiring a virtual assistant to take care of all your post, content and customer service (commenting etc), you can now have time for more productive things and focus on your business.  Here at SDP Communications, we can write all of your social media content and schedule them to go out at times of peak engagement, that will increase your social media outreach.


What Do You Think Now…Hire a Virtual Assistant or a Full Time Employee!

So let’s see… Hiring an administrative assistant full time with all the overhead or hire a Virtual Assistant who can look after your project manager, content for all your marketing and document needs, and or social media marketing. As you can see, hiring a virtual assistant is much more affordable, but equally effective, the option is obvious!


So, the real key to doubling your income is doubling your time. The more time you have on your hands, the more you can do to move your business forward. When you get rid of all of the little stuff, the distractions that disrupt your day-to-day, you will suddenly discover that you have time to focus on the future of your business.   I have helped dozens of clients double their income and I have the testimonials to prove it. Contact us today to take the first step towards doubling your income!

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