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Yes, I am Visible and Ready too work with you!   A large part of being a Virtual Assistant is building relationships with my clients based on trust and respect. The most important way I can make this happen is to contact you.

Visible And Accessible Is How I Am Success As A Virtual Assistant!


This is how....

I Love The Landline! If a client calls me on the phone during working hours, I answer (unless I’m already on the phone). If a client calls me on the phone while I’m not working I answer – if I am out then I have voicemail. This might seem crazy, but I know that clients can have emergencies. Being the one or one of two that has the “keys” to their business (files, passwords, etc.) therefore, being able to reach me is part of what they depend on and appreciate.

The Calendar. Clients can schedule time with me any time I’m available (and I make sure there’s plenty of times availability every week). You can see how I set this up here, please take time  to visit my website to see how easy it is now to schedule an appointment with me.

Emails and Texts. I have time frames for when I check my incoming emails during the day and make sure that clients know I’ve received their requests, even if they can’t be completed the same day. When something is not a priority, I find that just a short email back lets them know I’m on top of my work and I will take care of them as soon as I can.

Being visible in a virtual world is an important for me, I make it easy for you and for me knowing that I have looked after my valuable clients!

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