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Being a Virtual Assistant, I have three key traits that I follow everyday.  Good work ethics, transparency and personal integrity. I define myself as having personal standards that will not be broken by the opinion of others.

Now you are wondering what integrity means for a virtual assistant.  Integrity is an essential part of everyday life and being a Virtual Assistant I make sure that I am open and honest about what I can do and cannot do and transparent about the work I do.  Communicating with my clients is extremely important, by granting visibility allows my clients to see productivity on his/her projects. 

I have two golden rules that I follow– my personal working standards and saying NO when I cannot do the job.  If I am saying NO – it is just that I am too busy and can not commit the proper time to do the job properly.  My reputation as a virtual assistant is crucial.

A-little advice for all the new Virtual Assistants out there, having your own standards of quality and integrity will give you a good name and reputation. It’s slow going but in the end its worth it.  Stick to your guns and success will be yours.

To all my friends and colleagues, how would you define integrity?

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