From Golden Age Marketing to New Age Marketing

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Way back in the golden years the most effective method of advertising was the storefront window.

Pedestrians would walk by and look at the storefront windows on main street to see the most interesting and luxurious items being sold. And it worked! People would walk into the stores look around. If the store owner or employee was an effective salesperson, they would walk out with a bag full of products, maybe even one they saw in the window.

In the marketing world today, the storefront window is the internet and the pedestrians are the ones browsing online. If you want to sell your products and services, you’re going to have to learn how to effectively put them in your digital “storefront window.” Thankfully, you have a virtual assistant team (us!) who can help you every step of the way!   We can help you with Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Campaigns and Paid Digital Marketing Campaigns. 


Some say the age of the storefront is long gone, but reality is, it is not!   The new method of Digital Marketing has become, our storefront. If you know what you’re doing, you can reach  thousands of “pedestrians” who are out for a stroll on the net. You just need to make sure that your digital storefront is as attractive to them as possible, and that’s why you need a virtual assistant.


Contact me today for a free consultation and we can get started figuring out how to best present your products and services online, gaining you customers and sales!

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So true! Great article.

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