Do you have a mentor?  It was a few years back that I finally decided it was time, my small business only part time back then was starting to grow, and I knew a change needed to happen. So, I set out to find a mentor. One of the first things I did was put together a list of 5 things that I wanted & needed from this mentor.  Then I developed a list of potential candidates.  Keeping in mind that this person had to be someone who would inspire and encourage me to become successful.


My criteria in finding a mentor:

  • This person had to be someone that I looked up to, admire and more importantly, trusted.
  • This special person needed to understand that I wanted a two-way street relationship.To me, the mentoring relationship had to be centered on mutual respect, trust and support from both of us rather than the mentor always giving me support.
  • This person needed to share my vision for my short and long-term goals; therefore, always being completely up-front.
  • I wanted a long mentoring relationship. I knew mentoring takes time and attention.  So, I was wanting to meet or speak (on the phone) at least an hour once a week.
  • And finally, I didn’t want the person to think I was taking them for granted.  I am sincere about having a mentor and felt that if I was prepared for informative conversations as well as, being open and honest then the criticism wouldn’t be so hard to take.

What I have learned over the years with my mentor is too always listen to his advice and trust my gut when I make decisions.  The knowledge and information he shared has been extremely valuable. He has seen where I needed to improve, which has helped me with my personal and professional growth. 


For all the new Virtual Assistants out there if you are still trying to find your right mentor, hopefully my list of criteria will help you as it did with me.  I have been fortunate enough to have this experience and now feel I am in a position, to return the support to others that are just starting out.  If you think having a mentor is a sign of weakness, its not; it shows that you are smart enough and are driven enough to succeed.


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