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Feeling overwhelmed in your business? The problem might not be that you have too much to do... but that you're working on the wrong things. When I start to feel as though there is just too much to do but that nothing is making much of a difference to my customer flow or income or passion projects, then I know the time is right for a business detox.


We tend to associate detoxing with a body cleanse. Let's use that concept of a detox and instead apply it to your business! With your body, a detox examines what works and what doesn’t and re-assigns focus on the healthy things that help your body work better and more efficiently.  As you can probably imagine, it’s not difficult to apply this "cleanse" mindset and detox approach to your business as well.


Here are Four Simple Steps to Help Detox Your Business

  1. Examine Your Money: In many situations, a detox for your business can be as simple as changing the way you deal with money. From cutting services you just don’t need, to outsourcing your bookkeeping to affordable professionals, this is a huge stressor that’s easy enough to deal with... Just take an inventory of your recurring business expenses and be ruthless about weeding out the "this might work someday" and instead nourish the "wow, this is really making me more effective" investments.
  2. Deal with Your Clients: Sometimes, we find ourselves working with customers or clients who are time vampires - they suck our time and energy but aren't really giving us all that much back in terms of referrals, payment or testimonials. True, they might generate some income, but at what cost? If you find yourself feeling as though the negatives dramatically outweigh the positives with a particular client then it might be time to "fire" that client. It’s easier than you might think. Just think you can now take on two or more clients in place of the one you fired!
  3. Assess Your Business Connections: A great business connection should be able to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. A terrible business connection not only wastes your time but can potentially damage your brand and your reputation. Stop waiting for a negative association to magically pay off! Get rid of the connection, if it’s not delivering the kind of end result you are looking for... this goes for vendors, suppliers, virtual assistants, graphic designers, and other support connections.
  4. Simplify Your Social Media: Are you effectively using social media? Is it possible that you've spread yourself too thin and instead of mastering a few platforms and growing your following you're weak across many and not appealing to your target audience? A small business or start-up entrepreneurial venture really only needs to focus on two or three social media sites to create a rock solid connection with their ideal customer group. If you need help call me today!

I am sure my tips will help you, as they have helped me through my years as a business owner. 


Your Road Map To Success!  


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